Profundor AB provides advice and assistance that enables companies and other organisations to look and think ahead. Methods such as scenarios, strategy formulation and other concrete projects are used to increase insight into the future.

Profundor has exhaustive knowledge of all the tools necessary for thinking ahead, and uses them as required in a particular situation. One of its greatest specialities is scenario design, in the form of projects or pre-prepared scenarios.

Profundor combines technical expertise, strategy formulation and analysis of the business environment to facilitate the business renewal that the dynamic business environment requires.

The company acts as a catalyst for individual and organisational learning rather than just an external information source.

Profundus means deep, so Profundor encapsulates our in-depth approach to our working methods, conclusions and relationships.



Profundor AB
Siriusgatan 13
224 57 Lund
Tel. 070-517 23 20