Corporate strategy
Even relatively small firms commonly consist of more than one business. These businesses frequently have different sensitivities to their environment, different business models and different competence requirements. Correctly defining the business mix is an effective tool for minimising risks and exploiting synergies.

Profundor has a battery of models and methods for designing corporate strategies and adapting them to changes in the business environment.

Business strategy
Every business must have a clearly defined strategy to enable it to maintain its market position by means of its specific competences and value offers.

Profundor has expertise in the tools needed to produce and communicate business strategies and, where appropriate, to put them in a corporate perspective.

Function strategy
Functional units have special conditions and terminology that influence how their strategy should be designed and communicated, and how contacts with senior management and other functions should be established.

Profundor has the insights necessary for the creation of functional strategies.



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