Trends and uncertainties are effective tools for assessing different strategic alternatives depending on factors in the business environment. However, it is not until they have been brought together in scenarios that the factors in the business environment can be fully utilised to increase the effectiveness of strategic work.

Profundor has very extensive experience of scenario development for a large number of sectors and companies, and has the ability to implement scenario projects that result in new insights and effective strategies.

Some familiar phenomena (e.g. the growth of the Internet) have a more or less dramatic impact on many or all sectors. Identifying such trends and evaluating the changes they impose is an imperative for companies that want to survive.

Profundor has the expertise to carry out effective trend analysis for companies and to generate new insights.

Many phenomena are regarded as trends (i.e. they are deemed to be known and possible to deal with from the outside). Closer analysis often shows, to the contrary, that uncertainties can have several different outcomes and can impact on the company in many different ways. Correctly assessing the significance of uncertainties, and developing alternative strategies, is an essential competitive means.

Profundor works continuously on uncertainties and has methods for linking them to a company's strategies.



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